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New Horizons

2012-05-01 09:22:24 by Backfirejr

So, I felt it was finally about time for me to explore this community as well. I've been visiting the site, now and then, for God knows how long. It's been at least 10 years since I first came here. At first all that really caught my attention was all the games and it never really occured to me that there was a community of game-makers out there. To me, Newgrounds was like any other flash-game website.

I've always considered myself an artist of skill, and if not skill then at least passion, and I've been interested in storytelling, drawing and painting, as well as music. Having been a long-time member of Deviantart, I saw that quite a few of my friends were joining Newgrounds. My friends told me of the way Newgrounds has evolved over the years, into what it is today, and I decided it was about time I made the jump.

I love to draw and paint, and I've recently started making my own music. I look forward to sharing my work with you people as well as checking out all the stuff you've got on this site!


New Horizons


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